Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Hello parents, skipper A here. Today was a busy day filled with lots of fun and adventure. We started the day with muffins and then went diving. We then went onto learning navigation and how to read a chart and tie knots. We had a great Ramen lunch. Then we went to a different boat, talked with other shipmates, and jumped off the boat and dinghies. After that, we took our scuba test. That part wasn’t the best, but it was kind of fun. We then snorkeled. We swam under this opening in an underwater cave-like thing and surfaced in a beautiful small cavern filled with rocks and schools of fish. We had a lovely dinner and a fun and interesting after-dinner chat. The sunset is amazing, and the stars twinkle. We finally got to listen to different songs on the radio. Everything is going well, and every day a new experience presents itself to us. My instructors are very cool people and so easy to get along with. I am going to go now and experience new things so that you can all live vicariously through me. Have a great night, and know all is well here. Today was another success. Anchors away!