Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up too early after a fun-filled night (our first beach barbecue). We quickly put on our PDFs and started our long sail to GHP. While underway, we did our quick reviews (Neptunes learned about Deep Diving, and Dolphins learned about Underwater Photography). After I finished my review, I join Matt and Jess in the power tower to sail the rest of the way there. The sail was really relaxing and pretty. When we reached GHP, we ate lunch. We had some downtime for a little bit, but then we were right back at it with a dive briefing about our new knowledge on deep diving and photography. On my Dolphin dive, we saw a turtle and took artsy pictures. A little while after, Dolphins were back on Surprise for our turtle tagging lecture. Learning about how to catch turtles got me so excited for our turtle tagging over the next couple of days. When we returned to Second Wind, they had started Mexican night. It hit the spot after a day of sailing and diving. In a little bit, we are all going over to Spindrift for another lecture. It should be fun!