Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today everyone woke up a bit groggy from the dance party from the night before. We made oatmeal for breakfast and then set sail from Vixen Point. We sailed for three hours while we all caught up on our z’s. When we arrived at GHP around, 11 am we made deli sandwiches for lunch and cleaned up after the long ride. Once we were done cleaning, we set up our dive gear for our deep dive. Once we finished setting up, Second Wind and Mahi Mahi came over for our deep dive lecture. We talked a lot about nitrogen narcosis and how to get rid of it. Once the lecture was over, we got into our dive groups. Mine was Cat, Marissa, Sam, Whitt, Amelia, Willie, and Cameron. Cat brought an egg on the dive to show us what would happen with the amount of pressure. Before we dove, we had to take a test to make sure we didn’t already have nitrogen narcosis. I did it in 20 seconds. When we reached 100 ft, we took the test again, and I got it in 16 seconds. Most of the kids, including myself, got nitrogen narcosis. Today had one of the best dives so far. We resurfaced and showered and now are finishing the night with Mexican dinner and birthday cake. Happy Sweet 16 Meghan!