Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a great day for the water — first deepwater dive of the session. After the beach party from yesterday, I originally thought it was a bad day for me because of being worn out by the party. But how I was wrong. After we had breakfast and some work in our books, I felt so much better. When the paperwork was done, it was about 12 o’clock noon. That was when we had our first deep dive. I was a little scared when we began because I have never gone down that far. But with the great guidance of our ship’s captain Cat. After all the diving was over, we headed back to the ship. I heard that they were letting people water ski. I packed up as fast as I could and hopped on and went skiing. After skiing, I headed back to the main ship, and we cleaned our cabins. After an overhaul of cleaning, we had dinner. I am having a great day and time here at AQ, and I wouldn’t be anywhere else. No matter what.