Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We began the day with an early wake up to embark for Salt Island! Along the way, we had a quick breakfast before hopping in the water. After we arrived on the shores of Salt Island, we dove the Rhone, our first real shipwreck dive of the trip! The Rhone was a Royal Mail Ship steamer that sunk in a hurricane in the 1860s. We swam through the wreck, maneuvering through schooling fish. Reluctant to the surface, but eager for more adventures, we ascended and prepared for our Salt Island hike. All three dive side boats took a short hike to the top of a picturesque Salt Island mountain. The panoramic views of the Caribbean water and salt lakes were absolutely breathtaking! After returning to the boat, we all enjoyed Davis’s fabulous grilled cheeses while working on our knowledge reviews for our respective certifications. The rest of the day included a lecture, training dives for the rescues, and snorkeling to survey the night dive site. We just finished a delicious thanksgiving meal, and speaking of night dives, we are looking forward to a boat wide night dive. For me, it’s my first night dive ever, and I’m extremely excited to see bioluminescence! Overall, Spindrift had another action-packed day on the gorgeous Caribbean waters!