Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up at Vixen Point, ate oatmeal, cleaned up, then we sailed 5-10 minutes to a harbor to refill water and gas. After we refilled, we set sail for Anegada, which is the flattest island out of the whole BVI. We sailed for 2-3 hours. When we arrived, we ate sandwiches, PB+J, and we also had deli meat, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce. After we ate, we put six people in the dinghies with two trips from our boat to the beach. Everyone on sail side A was there, and we mainly just swam and played around in the water for an hour. Then we set sail again to go to Virgin Gorda. When we arrived, we had tortillas after we took showers and then cleaned up. Later we had a Lifeworks talk then finally went to bed.