Location: Great Dog

This was one with an early start. A number of us got up at around 4am and we set sail from Mountain Point and went to Anegada. At around 7am we ate breakfast. After that, the divers that are being certified took a test, while the rest of us sat on deck and talked for a while. Once they finished we drive our dinghy to the shore of Anegada. We played in the water for a few hours, but afterwards we decided to walk up the shore. As we were starting our walk we saw a nurse shark, which everyone thought was awesome. After we got back we back to the boat where we had a delectable meal of grilled cheese and oranges. Right after lunch we set sail once again. As the skipper, I got to man the helm for a few hours, until we moored where we currently sit in the Dog Islands, which is a beautiful archipelago. We will finish the day off with chicken Caesar salad and a sail chat.