Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we got up at 6:45 to start a breakfast consisting of oatmeal. We all ate and cleaned up and soon followed a two and a half hour sail to Anegada. Leaving the mountains, we are accustomed to behind was a weird change of scenery but just as beautiful. Anegada is an island made of coral, instead of being volcanic. Pulling up to it was beautiful, and we were all eager to get to the beach. We took Blaze in and stayed on the beach for about an hour and a half, doing everything from playing in the water to burying Josie in the sand and singing happy birthday! Right as we departed to go back to the boat, Gemini stole our turtle, Franklin. Well, get them back, though. Next, we sailed to Mountain Point. Ben, Fritz, and I anchored without any physical help, only some audible instructions. We were so proud afterward! Then we got ready for dinner afterward, which was Mexican night. Now our cake is baking, and we are getting ready to celebrate Josie’s birthday. So goodnight, and we are having an amazing time down here in the BVI.