Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a very interesting day we had breakfast, and we had oatmeal. Then, after that, we had our first rotation, and I’m group 2. Group 1 went diving to a plane wreck, but my rotations were Rhodes, and Smudge was our skipper for the Rhodes. We were heeling over so much that water was going into the small sailboat, and it looked and felt so cool that I didn’t hear Smudge say “ease the main,” but I did ease it, and it was all fine. Then we had our second rotation, and for my group, that was a dive table chart talk, and I passed, so it was fine. Then lunch tie came… It was a good lunch. We had deli sandwiches. Then we had our 3rd rotation, and it was Picos, and I went really smooth. Then my second partner was Casper, and I had a game planned with another Pico that had Ku and Yates. Whoever talked first was chicken, and Ku is fearless and never tacked, so when Casper and I tacked, we flipped all the way over, and it was difficult to flip back over, but I’m about to run out of space, but tonight at dinner we had Mexican night. Tonight’s squeeze question was, “where would you travel in the world?” and mine was Costa Rica. What would yours be?