Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

After a wild night of BBQ and dancing, we started our morning with hot oatmeal and then continued to the beach for our first rotation of the day- the Picos. A Pico is a small sailboat only big enough for two people. We soon upgraded to the Rhodes, sailboats that can hold six people. It was all great fun. After swimming back to the boat, we had a lesson on coral reef protection. We now have a coral reef conservation certification. Post deli sandwiches, we headed to Leverick Bay to refuel and fill up the water tanks. We were allowed an hour and a half of shore time. That’s always awesome! We are now peacefully rocking upon our anchor in Mountain Point. We had a majestic squeeze after a dinner of Caesar salad. We all answered the question: If you could ask one question to anybody and they had to answer truthfully, who would it be and what is the question? After that, we had two minutes of blissful silence. We are now all looking forward to laying our heads down and closing our eyes to close our wonderful day.