Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Today we awoke at Mountain Point and after a quick breakfast made our way to Salt Island where we did our second dive on the Rhone only this time on the bow. Leanne saw a massive lionfish attacking a helpless moon jelly. After the Rhone, we took Sumo over to the island itself and did a short “hike” to the tallest mountain on the island which was little more than a big rocky hill with a pretty view. We then went to Great Harbour, Peter where Rescue divers did a search and recovery dive looking for a tank named Hector while the Dolphins went to another boat. We sat around for a couple of hours at which point Meghann took a tank, went down and pretended to be an unresponsive lost diver. The Rescue team organized and found her while contacting the local emergency service (VISAR). When the professionals arrived, they took Meghann in their overpowered zodiac and drove away with her in it (it was training for them as well).