Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up to Eli banging the pots and pans saying, “Wake Up!”. We had to get up a little earlier because we were going to port at Bitter End Yacht Club. Before we left, all the shipmates ate delicious oatmeal and got dressed. At Bitter End Yacht Club, we all walked around the shops and ate a second breakfast at a buffet with endless food. Many of my shipmates were excited to have their phones back! After we went to Bitter End Yacht Club, we anchored back where Tanis was a couple of hours prior. We had a scuba chat with Liz and talked about how to work a dive table. We learned it is necessary to use a dive table to be safe and know how much nitrogen is in your body. When we all passed a chapter 5 quiz, we ate some yummy deli sandwiches. Since it was rotation day, all of the boats changed activities every two hours. Today, we did boat appreciation, sailed Rhodes, and finally sailed Picos. Boat appreciation day was a very interesting experience. All 11 shipmates had to clean the entire boat – Tanis Marie has been very good to us, so we should be good to her in return. As a result, we cleaned out the bilges, heads, galley, deck, and cabins. Even though cleaning Tanis was an immense amount of work, Tanis was squeaky clean. Once complete, we all got to sail the Rhodes and the Picos. I had so much fun sailing the Rhodes because I got to talk to my shipmates and relax. When we finished on the Rhodes, Kat sailed us to the beach, and we got to sail some tipsy Picos and played an intense game of beach volleyball. Dinner was really good tonight! We had Mexican food, and everyone at the table made a huge mess! Beans, rice, meat, lettuce, tomatoes and salsa stubbornly stuck to the seats, floors, and deck. Deckie is going to have a fun night tonight! In conclusion, we all had a great day, even though we cleaned Tanis Marie!