Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a busy day! First of all, we had a long scuba chat and learned how to use an RDP table. Then we had to do the quiz, and we learned a lot. After that, it was cleaning time, and we did great teamwork, and for the first time, the boat smelled more than good! I hope we keep it like that. Third of all we went to the beach and sailed the Picos. It was amazing for everyone and especially really fun because they are easy to flip over. We had a great experience. Moving on we went to the Rhodes that went fast, and we had a beautiful view from there. As soon as we were back on the boat, we showered in the sea, and it was the American and Mexican night. We had tortillas, beans, meat, vegetables, and more and made like American tacos. We had Jo and Joshua on our boat for dinner, and they are nice people. Finally, we had a sailing chat, and all of us were hyper and silly. That night before raining the sky was full of shining stars. It was an amazing day!