Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We started the day off with a four-hour session of diving, open water skills at Mountain Point. Everyone was excited to start open water sessions after finishing their beginning skills in a confined water area with some of the best scuba instructors in ActionQuest. We returned to Imane and split up into two groups, waterskiing and Zesting. I went with Joaquin on the kneeboard, and he did a 360 spin on one of his runs. Lindsey was also with us, and she tackled waterskiing, staying up for a full 6 seconds. Such a great run for a first-timer. We watched Rahm go Zesting, and it was so funny, after capsizing a few times he finally got the hang of it and was sailing smoothly. Great things can happen when waterskiing or Zesting after having a great lunch. Our scuba exam came up after, even though it seemed a bit tense, we all ended up passing the exam.