Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning, after being woken up at 6:55 am, we ate a usual breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. After cleanup, we started off early to go fill up our water tanks and to have about 30 minutes to have wifi, call our friends and families, as well as to buy snacks and beverages. Then we shipped off, racing the boat next to us, Bella Vita, to Anegada to swim and have a few hours to relax. Although we came in second (Bella Vita had a mile head start), we had a delicious deli sandwich lunch and went to the beach. The beach was beautiful, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and bonded with some of the other boat crews. When we returned to the boat, we had another race to our destination for the night. We raced Zourite through heavy winds and giant waves, and our boat was completely heeled over. Our max speed was 10.5 knots. It was so much fun. Once we got there, we were about to shower when a few girls started saying they saw sharks in the water. Brave Kelly volunteered to make sure they were just fish, and soon we jumped in after. At dinner, the chefs prepared Mexican night. They concocted tasty burrito fillings and served them “Chipotle-style.” It was such an incredible, thrilling, and utterly amazing day. I hope many more are still to come.