Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We started off the day by going on the beach and had a game of capture the flag on the beach. Then we learned about coral reefs and how to protect them. It was very interesting. I really enjoyed learning about it. After that rotation, we went back to the boat and made mac and cheese, which was extremely yummy. Once we had lunch, Lizzie, Vi, Will, Ed, Guillaume, Maddie, Emilie, and I went to Calypso to set up our gear for our dive to the Rhone cannons. The dive was great, and we found one of the cannons. The next rotations were going to the Rhodes. It was relaxing. We got back to the boat just in time to get ready for the beach BBQ dance. The party was super fun, and it was fun to see everyone from the dive side and sail side B. After the party, everyone was exhausted and fell asleep right when we got back to the boat. It was a great day.