Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up at around 7 am to the sound of rippling waves and seagulls. We all ate some mighty fine french toast made by Will and set out on our Fish ID dive in Virgin Gorda at Mountain Point. We saw some spiny lobsters, yellowtail snapper, sergeant majors, and many others. After this fantastic and relaxing dive, we proceeded to motor around the corner to Leverick Bay. With Whit on the helm, we successfully managed to maneuver into the dock. We made it ashore and ate some mighty fine burgers and gazed at the shimmering blue water. Then we had a boat diving lecture followed by shore time at Vixen Point, which was relaxing yet tiring. We currently are headed to a BBQ and dance party. It should be incredible! So far, this trip has been a life-changing and extremely fun experience, and we still have two weeks left!