Location: Oranje Baai, Statia

Wow, seven days? No way, they’re lying. It can’t be a third of the way gone. I guess it might be true. Anyways, oh, what a day! I slept in the cockpit last night, and the first thing I remember was Nick waking me and saying to get everyone up and ready to prep for passage to Statia (St. Eustatius). After our breakfast of bagels and yogurt (we had learned from our past mistakes of eating heavy before a passage when six out of ten of us enjoyed the pleasure of seasickness on our first passage), we set sail for Statia. For the first hour, I motored away from Saba and raised the sails before I surrendered the helm to the ever-capable Aaron Greenstein. The first watch team did most of the work, to be frank as the winds favored us, and we “raced to Statia,” as quoted by Nick. When we had moored, we once again sent Nick to shore to check us into the country. Meanwhile, we partook of a hearty mac n’ cheese lunch. After lunch and before Nick left, he handed us a list entitled “Boat Appreciation.” This may shock all of the parents at home, but teenagers are messy. So we scrubbed the entire boat, cleaned the cabins and heads floor to ceiling, Clorox wiped everything in sight, and coiled all the lines. A lot of work but the “clean” boat made Gwen and Nick happy, so it must have been done well. (Truthfully, I had difficulty telling the difference.) After that, we did backflips off the boat and went swimming and snorkeling. After we’d had our fill of swimming, we started dinner, Caesar salad with chicken. Moving beyond the events of the day, I wish to discuss the emotional climate of our boat. I find sit fascinating how we have taken the various cultures of our homes and made something new. Would I call us a crew yet? No, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I see our personalities blending together to make a new culture. To be frank, what it will be the most competitive, most adventurous, and most importantly, unified groups I’ll have the pleasure to be a part of. But like I said, we’re not there yet. But when I posed a question at our nightly squeeze, look to the person two people to your right and say something nice about them, I saw my shipmates step back and appreciate the gifts they can offer each other. The evening ended with one of my shipmates getting the entire contents of a gallon of corn bucket, three scoops of risotto, and leftover salad was thrown onto him by Nick…all in good fun obviously! Oh! What a day! What a lovely day!