Location: Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was really exciting and energy packed! After our 6:15 wakeup call we had the best breakfast of the whole trip so far. We had a large pot of scrambled eggs and a tray of warm blueberry muffins. Then we went to shore to learn how to sail the Zests and waterski/wakeboard/kneeboard. Everyone did well at watersports today, especially Johnny, who killed it at wakeboarding. After we were back on the boat and had eaten lunch, we had a dive table chat with Rachel. I had been excited about diving before, but this session gave me more understanding, and I am even more pumped for our certification dives! Later we went on shore at Leverick Bay. Ellie, Charli, Leah, Mel, Kenny, and I got pints of ice cream while we caught up with people at home. Day 7 was awesome, and I can’t wait to do every more awesome sailing education tomorrow!