Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

This morning started out much like any other; Alana runs around waking people up and bringing coffee and tea to those who wanted it. Breakfast was cereal and was hastily consumed by the crew eager to begin another fun rotation day. The Divemaster’s first rotation was sailing Picos, a smaller version of the Laser. They followed up with some dive study, while the other half of our boat started with dive study, then learned about coral reefs in a session with Linda. Soon after, dark clouds grew in the distance, and the flotilla hunkered down and made lunch; chicken salad sandwiches. The storm was pretty strong, however, and our crew quickly had to abort lunch and break of the raft so that none of the boats would be damaged in the wind. With half-eaten sandwiches in one hand and ropes in the other, we successfully separated our boat and moved to the anchorage, the posed for some majestic food and storm photos. After the storm passed, the afternoon was fairly quiet, and the beginning divers, myself included, finished our studying, leaving just the practical tests between us and our open water certification. The Divemasters reviewed first and had CPR training, and also got in a game of beach volleyball. In the late afternoon, everyone came back to the boat and got ready for our first BBQ. Everyone enjoyed food and dancing as the sunset, another fun day with ActionQuest in the BVI.