Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was an exciting day at ActionQuest. We woke up to a breakfast of pancakes and fruit. After cleanup, we geared up for our Fish ID and Underwater Naturalist dive. Once we successfully navigated our way to and from the boat, we ascended and prepared for our sail to port. There, we got to eat at a restaurant with great food and were able to stock up on snacks for our next sail. When we left port, the Dolphins prepared for a mangrove snorkel, and the Neptunes has a lecture on boat diving. After those were finished, we all went to the beach where we played a game that showed us what it’s like to be a baby sea turtle. The game involved avoiding predators, crawling through the sand, and finally making it to safety in the ocean. We finished off the night with a beach barbecue with DJ Heavy Beats.