Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We had a bit of a lie-in this morning, still lazing about at 7:15 am. Put it down to the late-night yesterday. After cereal, it was time for a three-hour sail to GHP; this provided the perfect window for all of the Dolphins to work on their digital underwater photography knowledge review as well as their aquatic life journals. The Neptunes also made great progress towards their advanced diver certifications. Once we’d anchored in GHP, it was time for a delicious lunch courtesy of Pedro and Michael, our ship’s resident gourmet chefs. Then the Neptunes went to Second wind for their deep water lecture and dive while the Dolphins stayed on board for an intro to underwater photography. We got to lead the dive ourselves, which was great fun. Thirty minutes, some underwater selfies, and a supposed shark sighting later, we returned to the surface with our photos. The afternoon was relatively relaxing, some more bookwork and a few shipmates went waterskiing. We just finished what Jess declared the best Mexican night of her time at AQ. This evening the Neptunes head out again for another lecture, and all of the Dolphins will be joining us on our home sweet home.