Location: Marina Cay

The day began with a 5 am sail out to Anegada. There we hung out on the beach and did dive chats. We had so much fun on the beautiful beach with all of the dive side. After the beach time, we sped off to do an awesome dive at the Chikuzen. We went through an amazing swim through inside the ship and got to see where the refrigerators were stored on the old ship. We were surrounded by moon jellies (not scary ones) and large schools of yellowtail snappers and other baitfish. It was so cool! We even saw some barracuda. After the dive, we raised our sails to spend the night at Marina Cay. We cooked an incredible dinner underway – burritos! We overcame a lot to make the meal while the boat was moving. We had a couple of great rice disasters, but of course, the crew of Spindrift II came together and made the meal even better than it would have been otherwise. Tonight we have a movie night planned and a birthday celebration for Adam (one of the instructors). Today was so amazing! I can’t wait for all the future adventures.