Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today has been super busy, and it’s not even over yet! When we woke up this morning, it was rainy, but we still had a great breakfast of French toast. By the time we were done, it had cleared up, and we went on our dive. Then the Dolphins worked on underwater naturalist, and the Neptunes went on their Fish ID dive. On the Dolphin dive, we saw a lionfish and a turtle! It was awesome! Afterward, we got to go to port for lunch. Then, the Neptunes had a lecture with Tor, and the Dolphins went snorkeling in the mangroves. On the way, we saw a huge nurse shark, three green turtles, and a spotted eagle ray. While snorkeling, we saw sea cucumbers, a conch, and baby barracudas. Then, we all went to the beach to play volleyball and talk to kids from other boats. Next, we headed back to our boat to shower and get ready for the beach BBQ and party! Today was super fun, and I’m sure tomorrow will be, too!