Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

The day started off with a lot of rain but eventually became sunny and windy (much like the others!). We got up on deck after the rain showers and swam ashore to do some Pico sailing. There was a massive amount of wind, which sent the boats gliding across the water. After that, we had a volleyball match on the beach, which turned into a soccer game, which became a bunch of people lounging around under the shaded tables. We had a short discussion about coral reefs after that. We talked about how much they do for the environment and how much they are affected by it. For lunch, we had delicious mac and cheese, which became a favorite of everyone! After lunch, we set sail again, this time on six-person sailboats called Rhodes. They allowed us to get up close and personal with all the mechanics of a sailboat. Next, we had another dive chat. This final chat helped us learn how to calculate how deep underwater we can dive, while still being able to come up without a safety stop being required. When the chat was over, we all showered and got ready to head to our first beach party BBQ!