Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a very important day for all of us, but it meant the most for Ella. When she awoke this morning, she was greeted with smiling faces and the Happy Birthday song. Ella turned 16 today, but unfortunately, we all had to wake up extra early for various training exercises. The Rescues had a search and recovery mission, and the Dolphins had an underwater naturalist dive. We then motored the boat to Leverick Bay. We all rushed out of the boat so we could search and recover some cheeseburgers. We then went to the grocery store and were able to purchase all the sweets we desired. We then separated again, and the rescues went to learn EFR, and the Dolphins went mangrove snorkeling. We then conquered our opponents at beach volleyball. We are currently showering and are about to go to our first ActionQuest party!