Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was another amazing day of some amazing adventures in the BVI! Waking up around 6 am, we immediately took a plunge into the sea. We then quickly scarfed down our breakfast before jumping into a day of sailing and diving. Seven of our shipmates are divemaster trainees, so they left for a full day of diving and CPR training, leaving the remaining four Carinas to go sailing in Picos and Rhodes for four hours. Later we all sat down to eat mac and cheese. After finishing lunch, we took a dive off a small dinghy in a coral reef! Aside from the fish and the brilliantly colored flora, we saw the canons from a ship that had lost them on the reef! After a few hours of relaxation, we all had much-awaited freshwater showers, and are now headed off to a dance party and beach BBQ!