Location: Marina Cay

Ok, so today was interesting! We started the day at 5 am to sail 3 hours to Anegada. After a late breakfast of oatmeal, due to everyone being exhausted from the early start; we jumped into Phantom and cruised to the white sand beach on Anegada Island, So once struggling through the water to the shore we reached something you would see on the cover of a magazine or what you imagine paradise to be. White sand as far as the eye can see, turquoise water, and the occasional coconut. After half an hour to an hour on the beach, Dolphin’s had their underwater photography lecture. Anyway, after a few hours in paradise, we got back on Phantom. I’m still yet trying to find one elegant way to climb aboard. All back on Second Wind (the best boat), we set sail again for the Cacuzen. Halfway there and we got a call on the radio, saying the visibility was too bad to enjoy the dive, so we went straight to anchoring at around 4 pm, showered, and got ready for dinner. Dinner was Mexican, yum! Now we are all going to veg out and chill after a long day of working on our books and a beach day. Anyway, today has been insane and made me realize how lucky I am to have this ActionQuest experience!