Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we all woke up early to the delicious smell of French Toast. Before we could eat it, we set up our scuba gear and jumped into the water for a Fish ID and navigation dive. The 15-year-olds went off on their own while the 14-year-olds had an instructor with them for the dive. After seeing many pretty fish and sea creatures, we devoured the French toast and half a jar of Nutella. We cleaned up and began motoring to Leverick Bay, where we went to port. We had magnificent lunches and restocked on our snacks. The Dolphins then went snorkeling around mangrove trees and saw a lot of things like a stingray and sea cucumbers. The Neptunes went to their boat lecture and then played fun games. We all met up at the beach to play the Turtle Game. It was hilarious to watch people crawl through people’s legs, spin until dizzy and try to run into the ocean. We all made it, and some even did front flips into the ocean. After swimming for a little in the hot sun and warm Caribbean sea, we took our daily showers in the ocean. Instead of having our normal dinner, we’re heading to the beach again for the BBQ dance! It’s going to be very fun to dance and meet people because everyone will be there. It has been another very long, exhausting, but action-filled day. Today was even more incredible than the last, and we are ready for the many more awesome days here at ActionQuest!