Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today has been a great day so far! The morning began with an awesome breakfast of french toast, fruit, and peanut butter. It was such a treat compared to the usual (but still good of course) cereal! Our first rotation activity was windsurfing from the shore. We all got to hang out in the ocean and cheer on our friends as we all took turns attempting to stay on the boards! Then we went up on the sand to learn how to tie different kinds of sailing knots. This often has been a struggle for me, but with fun and helpful instructors, I finally learned how to tie a few different kinds! The day continued with games of soccer and ninja in the sun. Everyone got out their competitive side and got to strut their skills, which was fun. Afterward, we went waterskiing and kneeboarding with Sam, which is always a good time! Even though the time was mostly spent trying to stay up on the skis instead of staying standing up, it was still well worth it to get out into the waves! It also made for tons of funny and exhilarating memories as we encouraged each other on, even on their sixth and seventh tries! The rotation day finished off with a beautiful snorkel along the outskirts of a mangrove. There was tons of wildlife to see, and there were lots of hilarious moments considering that the guys kept randomly bursting out laughing! On the dinghy ride back we (or should I say the girls) jammed out singing to old Taylor Swift songs. It was a blast!! Tonight is our first dance, and everyone is excited! There’s going to be a big BBQ and a DJ for all of the boats, and we know that it will be so much fun! Today as always was the best!