Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

After an awesome beach party the night before I was woken up at dawn by the sound of the engines. We were going to Anegada! As the trip continued, the ship was brought back to life by the shipmates. We all had a breakfast composed of cereal and oatmeal that was prepared for us. After a couple of hours of sailing, we saw a distant island. When we finally arrived at the port, we saw a composition of houses they were all painted in different colors that made them very appealing to the eye. After everyone boarded the dingy, we headed to the dock. We finally got a taste of paradise. After a taxi ride, we arrived at one of the most spectacular beaches my eyes have seen. The sand was as soft as silk, and the water was clearer than glass. After a couple of hours at this beach, we went to have lunch. The service at the restaurant was good, and the food tasted even better. As we left the oasis-like island, we went to dive a sunken ship. We saw over 20 barracudas, sharks, yellowtails, and other types of fish. Now I am sitting here writing the blog watching the sunset.