Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Thanks to our wonderful staff members who woke up at 5:15 am to sail our boat to Anegada, today was truly incredible. Like the hobbit that I truly am, I was able to eat a first and second breakfast, and one was on the island of Anegada! All three dive side boats spent the morning on the beach in some of the clearest, most beautiful ocean waters I have ever seen. We took an open air taxi ride to a and from the docks and saw a bunch of goats and some starving cows. I got to drive the boat for the first time this summer and had a lot of fun navigating around marker buoys. Another couple highlights of the morning were burning our boat’s name into a piece of driftwood with a magnifying glass and eating two helpings of ice cream :). The afternoon brought with it a whole other adventure on the way back from Anegada to Mountain Point, nine miles out to sea and seventy feet below the water is a massive Korean refrigerator ship. The wreck was our dive of the day, and was one of the most exciting dives I’ve been on so far! I fortified myself before jumping in with a good dose of Oreo cookies and then jumped in with my dive buddy. Descending was really difficult because the current and waver in the open ocean were strong, but we held on to the anchor line and slowly sank below the surface until the giant shape of the ship loomed up in the water. The sheer size of the ship, covered in coral and schools of fish took my breath away. We swam through the hull and wandered around the ship, swimming amounts barracuda, angelfish, blue tang, permits, lionfish, and even a reef shark! The rough water was definitely work, and the dive today was a ton of fun.