Location: Statia

Like always, we started the 7th day with a pancakes breakfast, thanks to our wonderful chefs. After that, we were preparing to leave Saba. Putting the dinghy up on the boat was not a big deal, an easy work developed between Kris, Matt, Lydia, and myself. Then, we put on the PFD’s and got off the mooring ball. After this routine, we pointed the boat to another island, not very far away. The sail was not a big problem. The wind was helping us to move fast and soft. At the beginning, I was at the Helm for the first time. On the voyage, we were playing a game that helped us to know better the person next to us, telling stories related to a word in common. After my turn on the helm, Alex (The girl one) picked up the control of the boat.
After a while, we reached or goal: Statia. It’s a quiet place, with not much activity. Then, we took a long and freshwater shower, just before reloading the boat with water. From now on, the rest of the day, we were chilling. Some people were reading, other ones listening to music but always like a group. We had a nice dinner, with a delicious veggie burger portion. After cleaning up the boat and the dishes, we started a Lifeworks Forum, talking about the interior of each one. So, this is the day, not so much activity but just another day on the Squeaky Brat.