Location: Anegada

Dear diary, why did I start my blog like that. Just being different, as our crew of 2012 on Spindrift. Last night was a big dinner and dance, so no one wrote about it, it was so much fun to get to know the other boats! It started slow, the usual awkward teenage stand around trying to make pointless conversations with your buddy. Then Nash went crazy over the dubstep music, and that’s what started it all. It was an all-around sweet time. The camp so far is amazing, but sadly it’s going fast! Time flies when you’re having fun. Can’t wait for the last week! Also, we stopped today at Leverick Bay to do some shopping for food and to call home. As we left, we saw Richard Branson’s island, as went to Anegada to walk on the amazing white sand. As we left the beach, we stopped to talk to some cute local kids telling us about their parents. Tonight for dinner we had an amazing Mexican dinner.