Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a very adventurous, fun day. It all starting in the morning, when we were anchored, and all had breakfast together. Then after we went to a new place called Vixen Point. There we snorkeled with Tropical Oasis. We snorkeled at the mangroves where we ended up seeing a bunch of baby barracuda and the mother barracuda and a sea turtle. After snorkeling, we had lunch on the boat. After lunch, we went out on the dinghies and went waterskiing/wakeboarding/kneeboarding. For me, I did kneeboarding which was very fun and surprisingly good at for the first time doing it ever. After we all finished, we went on the Vixen Point island where we were dropped off after the watersports. On the beach, we could swim, hang out, and windsurf. We were probably there for two hours at least. When we finally got picked up to go back, Mason let Sidnie drive the dinghy, which she was pretty good at. When we got back to the boat, we showered and had dinner. When we were throwing leftover food into the water, this cute remora kept on eating the food. Today was enjoyable and adventurous and memorable to me and probably everyone else. I hope every day gets better and better as it has been all week.