Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a rotation day! Fun all day long. As we woke up to the morning music we began to get ready for the day. Cereal started our day, and we were off to sail chat. After we had a great time chillin on the Caribbean beach with windsurfing, Pico sailing, and beach volleyball. We loaded up on the sunscreen all day as we perfected those skills. As we came in starving for lunch with mac and cheese. We then went on the Rhodes, 20-foot dinghy sailboats with six other shipmates and an instructor. He taught us about the sail and the names of the boat. After getting off the boat, we did team bonding at the beach with games and more chillin on the beach. I am such good friends with all my crewmates and love sitting on the beach chattin it up. We are currently getting ready for the dance party tonight, which everyone is excited about having a burger and dancing. Can’t wait for more sailing and sun.