Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was fabulous. We started off with a little shore time in Leverick Bay. The one grocery store was jam-packed with all of us and our armfuls of snacks. After, we began our sail to Anegada. At the beginning of the trip, Zourite was positioned as the last ship in the fleet, but we ended up as the first boat to arrive at Anegada. At Anegada, we all got to enjoy a beautiful beach. The sand was soft like a plush cushion. Some of us played volleyball on the beach as well. After our time at the beach ended, we returned to Virgin Gorda. Then two significant events occurred. First, Baylor shaved his beard. Second, it was Mexican night for dinner. David showcased his amazing cooking abilities, and Madi helped him create delicious burritos. As skipper, my duty is to ask a question after dinner that everyone on the boat then answers. My question was: if you were stranded on an island, who on the boat would you choose to have with you? Now we’re all going to go to Lifeworks chat.