Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we woke up at Mountain Point, nice and early. For breakfast, we had french toast. After breakfast, everyone went on an early dive. The Neptunes went on our first fish identification dive. So basically, we swam around trying to find and classify fish that we had learned about. We saw tarpon, trunkfish, and triggerfish. While we were on our dive, the Rescues had their first “search and recovery” dive. Their tasks were to locate a plastic octopus toy and a weight belt. They also had to use a weight bag to lift up the weight belt. After our dives, we headed to Leverick Bay, where we had shore time. Everyone ate lunch, went grocery shopping for snacks, and also bought souvenirs. Then after Leverick Bay, all the Neptunes had a dive chat about boat diving. The rescues then went and learned CPR. It stormed today, so now it is very humid. But luckily the rain has stopped. Right now, everyone is getting ready for our first beach BBQ/dance party. Everyone is cleaned up and super excited to go! Overall, it was a really fun day, and it is about to become even better at the BBQ!!