Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was the second rotation day. We started off with an amazing snorkeling session. We then had a diving chat where we learned how to use the table to avoid decompression sickness, and it was really interesting. After that, we had a simple lunch, and we headed to windsurf. There was great wind, and it was really fun. It was really funny when Alex was asked to film some of the windsurfers. After a lot of work, we thought we had caught some good moments, but when we came back to the beach, we realized the camera hadn’t been turned on! After that, we went waterskiing where some of the guys did some amazing kneeboarding tricks (especially Alex and Matt). With this session, we ended our rotation. We had some nice showers, and we prepared for the best part of the day: party! Today was an awesome day, and we all hope the end of it will be amazing!