Location: The Settlement, Anegada

Waking up after a night of fun was exhausting, but for the day to come, it was amazing! We left Vixen Point for a quick port stop at Leverick Bay. Most of us bought some snacks and hung out by the water until it was time to set sail to Anegada. The long sail was a beautiful sail across the open water, and everyone enjoyed the scenic view. Once we anchored, we enjoyed a quick bite, and went straight to work! The advanced open water diving group finished all their book work, and then had a fun beach time of hectic, competitive sandcastle competitions! Another great activity was playing some water football while most of the group was finishing up their open water test. After testing the beach group came back and showered. We were in a rush for a tight dinner schedule. Mike was our guest to enjoy some tortillas. After dinner, we did an activity matching our personality to pictures while explaining our choices to our group. Right after we sang Mike, the birthday song, presenting him with a nice birthday cake! We had some nice giggles and enjoyed the rest of the night with Lifeworks.