Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we stayed anchored at Vixen Point and had a rotation day. It’s absolutely beautiful here! After a fantastic day of wakeboarding, windsurfing, swimming, team activities, and knot tying, the entire Caribbean Soul crew was able to sleep out on the bow under the stars tonight without the interruption of rain. It’s amazing to fall asleep under a clear night sky and to take turns pointing out constellations!! The trust-building team activities today were so cool!! Although we were all hesitant at first, we took turns falling backwards off a high stool and being caught by the rest of our shipmates. I was screaming as I fell back, but my friends were there to catch me. It’s great knowing that I can rely on them when it counts, and even when it doesn’t. We’re all truly like one big boat family 🙂 Windsurfing was a blast too. The girls totally outperformed the boys, we rock!! Tomorrow we will be able to sail the Picos, which are cute little sailboats. We get to race and everything, I can’t wait!