Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today has been a combination of amazing sights, awesome dives, and major laughs. Besides waking up at 6 am, it was quickly made better by the two dives we accomplished. I came SO close to a squid. It was awesome. After I spotted a spotted moray eel and held a moon jellyfish. Later on in the day, we jammed out to so many different songs; I found a lot of new music I’d never heard before. We also did our underwater naturalist knowledge reviews. Then we had shower time and a dinner of beef stroganoff. After dinner, we had a Lifeworks forum where the whole crew got a lot closer. After Lifeworks, we all gathered in the salon, and it turned into an awesome dance party! Now we’re getting ready to chill on the bow and set up our hammocks and go to sleep. I can’t wait for the next few days since every day here keeps getting better and better!