Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today I woke up in a hammock at Vixen Point. The day started early with French Toast for breakfast, and I was excited that a rotation day was ahead of me. The first activity was windsurfing, which was very hard. I fell a lot, but I still enjoyed it! Next, I had a knot tying activity where I learned that tying knots could actually be fun. I learned to tie a figure-eight knot in the air by throwing the line in the air. We also went to do watersports after lunch! It was hilarious to see my friends on the kneeboards and wakeboards, but my favorite part of the day was my last activity, scuba diving. It was an unreal experience, and it felt surprisingly natural to breathe underwater. I loved it so much, and I look forward to doing it again. I have been having an amazing time this week. I am so glad that I am here! Even on the first day, my boat was so close. I am thankful to have this “boatload” of new friends for life. The best part of this experience so far has been the people that I spend this time with. Today was a great day at ActionQuest!