Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

Today was quite the day; we woke up to reggae music and had some french toast. After that, we prepared for a day of hiking and scuba diving…only things did not go exactly to plan. Now do not get me wrong; it was adventurous, but not in the way we expected. After everyone but Jake and I had been shuttled to shore on our dinghy, the mooring ball we were on, snapped and we began drifting towards land. We did not think anything of it at first because the boat was drifting so slowly, but eventually, we knew something was wrong when Gwen returned on the dinghy to get us, and we had to start moving very quickly in order to get the boat to safety. Jake was helpful in getting everything off the lifelines and standing bow watch while I took the helm and circled around, waiting for Nick to arrive back on board. Once Nick arrived, we moored to a different ball and headed to shore. It was a very bumpy and wet dinghy ride. Once we got to shore, soaking wet, we waited for everyone else at a small restaurant near the dive shop we were diving with and had the best Empanadas ever! Once everyone arrived, we headed to the dive site with the dive instructor from the dive shop, who used to work with Nick and Gwen. We saw many fish and beautiful coral, as well as a barracuda. We also felt sand that was heated by volcanic activity. I was also very happy for my shipmates who dove for the first time today. Once we arrived back at the shore after our dive, we had more Empanadas. After eating said Empanadas, we had another wet dinghy ride back to the boat. I feel so bad for Gwen; she had to make the long (20 minutes one way!), wet dinghy ride 12 times today. Anyways, this day was quite fun, and we will always remember this day.