Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a great day for everyone. Vega’s and Questers got to sail a Rhodes and had an unforgettable experience. We learned so much about sailing and had a lot of fun. After sailing on a Rhodes, we got to sail a Pico boat, windsurf and play volleyball. While the Vega’s and Questers were sailing and windsurfing, the Carina’s went diving! They had a lot of fun and saw so many cool things. After, we returned to our boat and started to prepare lunch. While we were preparing for lunch, a few people tried to push me in the water for fun, but instead, one of them was accidentally pushed into the water instead. It was so funny, and everyone was laughing. Then we enjoyed a delicious sandwich lunch. After lunch, the three groups did different activities. The Carina’s went to a dive chat and then sailed on a Rhodes, Pico sailed and windsurfed. The Vega’s went snorkeling and saw a humongous stingray. They had a lot of fun and then went to an interesting dive chat. Last but not least, the Questers went snorkeling also. But the Questers got to tag sea turtles. They weren’t very successful but still had a fun, new experience. After everyone returned to the boat, we all took showers and got ready for the BBQ. Now we are about to leave and have the best dinner yet!