Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today when we woke up, everyone was hands on deck setting up our breakfast; cereal and fruit. After we finished eating, we rushed clean up so we could go out and have fun scuba diving, learning dive tables, and sailing IC24s that we rented from the Bitter End Yacht Club. Today was full of fun activities to do. We started with doing a little bit of diving and then started up lunch back on the boat. Today for lunch, we enjoyed tortilla soup and Pringles. We also had to hurry on lunch so we could go out and sail the Picos around all of the boats, and then hang out on the beach. That was really fun splashing in the water. Earlier it was really fun learning our dive tables and learning how to dive responsibly. Once we had finished those fun activities, we headed out to sail the little IC24 sailboats. Everyone was really having fun learning to sail and rush through the wind. On the way back from sailing, a whole bunch of people got in Big Blue, one of our dinghies, and all went back so we could do some jumps in the water and over people’s wakes. Now we get to head over to the beach in our nice clean clothes to eat great food and have fun. Overall today was a great day.