Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today Zourite awoke rafted next to the rest of sail side A at the picturesque Vixen Point. After cereal for breakfast, we started another busy rotation day! The divemasters had a skills session with Jake, where we started to master some of the 24 demonstration quality skills we are marked on. The in-water session was really fun as our demonstration of a five-point descent and snorkel/regulator swap improved. Meanwhile, the Vegas on our boat snorkeled the mangroves. Teddy would like to inform everyone that he spotted a stingray! They also learned how to tie knots! After lunch, some of the DMs assisted with loading a snorkel with some of the younger Vegas from other boats. Meanwhile, 5 of us DMs attempted to lay a tarp on the bottom of the confined water diving pen. This sounds a lot easier than it looks, with us struggling to successfully lay it on the silty seafloor an hour and a half later. Unfortunately, I was the only one of the group who got stung by jellyfish, so I had to assist in laying the tarp from the boat rather than the water. The Vegas had a busy afternoon windsurfing and waterskiing while the DMs practiced dive table questions. Dinner tonight was garden burgers, and Zourite was joined by Mike and his son Kai. We participated in Mike’s card Lifeworks, and it was really interesting to gain some insight into the lives of my fellow shipmates. The Vegas have gone to Calypso for their dive chat, whilst the DMs are set for another animated dive chat with our fantastic dive instructor Jake. We are all excited to throw some moves at the beach BBQ tomorrow!