Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Rotation Rotation, oh how we love rotations! Our rotation day consisted of only the finest activities. We had a windsurfing lesson, a snorkel adventure in the mangroves, wakeboarding and a little skiing action on the water and last, certainly not least, (dun dun dun) dive chat! Now I’m going to go back and give you all of the details of our awesome day! Windsurfing ain’t very easy folks, as we have failed many times, but all of our attempts were worth it as we were all able to stand up at the end of the hour, which was extremely rewarding for all of us. Our snorkel adventure in the mangroves was absolutely stunning, as we were able to view wildlife in its exquisite habitat! The mangroves are the breeding ground for many fish and become a nursery for all the little youngsters! Next we had wakeboarding and everyone seemed to get the hang of it besides me, I have never fallen so much in my life, but I couldn’t have had a funnier time doing it. Then we finished up the day with our dive chat, which is preparing us for our open water dives coming up! Now I’m going to wrap this up, as we are now off to our next adventure in Vixen Point! We had a blast and are ready for more fun, new and exciting days. Sails away!