Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we rose at 6:30 to some lovely cereal while we motored to the Dog Islands and our second navigation dive. Upon descent, we began to see moon jellies and tons of other species. After we got back on the boats, we refilled the tanks and headed off to West Dog, where we jumped back in for another dive. On this dive, we got to have a fun dive and saw very cool rock formations and colorful fish. After the dive, many of us went jumping off the rocks. Then after we all sailed back to Mountain Point while completing our work for search and recovery part two and our EFR written training. Jack, Isaac, Heather, Adam, and Jordan went snorkeling and saw six southern stingrays. Then we had showers, and some of us tried to do flips. We ended the day with Adam, Isaac, and Annie making some killer beef stroganoff. Now we’re just getting ready for our search and recovery dive lecture, then bed.