Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The trip so far has been absolutely amazing, and today was one of the more exciting days. We dropped our ball to sail to the dive site at 7 am today to make sure we got in the prime position for the dive. We got to start at a location called the Chimneys. It was filled with all sorts of fish, coral chimneys, and walls, which we got to swim between and under. After that, we moved to another location to do more of what the Neptune trip loves most: dive. The second location was a super cool plane wreck in the middle of the gardens of coral. The plane was open enough to swim through and see in the cockpit. It was all a pretty amazing dive day, and we will be doing more diving tomorrow. The first few days on the boat were a little quiet and awkward, but now we are all getting to know each other and are having a blast sailing, skiing, diving, and just hanging out with each other. I had a blast today getting to maneuver the boat on and off many mooring balls, and I am looking forward to the rest of the trip and all of the dives.